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Our mission: make separation less stressful, less expensive.

You deserve to understand your legal and practical options. We want our clients to feel confident that they are making good choices that fit with their family’s needs and budget.

We are experienced litigators and zealously advocate for our clients in court, but not all cases should be in court. Mediation can be less expensive and less stressful for both sides. We are accredited family mediators.

Having a competent lawyer matters, but traditional legal services can be expensive. You should be able to choose how much time you need from your lawyer. That is why we also offer Unbundled Services and Legal Coaching.

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Ryan Keleher, Principal

Lawyer & Mediator

Our Services

Which Service is Right for You?

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Representation in Court

If you and other party cannot agree and you need a court order, if someone's safety is at risk, etc.

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A neutral and impartial mediator can help you and the other party resolve your case out of court.

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Unbundled Services

If you only need a lawyer to do a specific task, like draft a court document or separation agreement.

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Legal Coaching

If you are only looking for periodic legal advice and guidance. This service is "pay as you go".

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Client Reviews

Here is what our clients say about us.

"Ryan’s empathy and professionalism were evident from our first meeting. He was patient and took the time to explain things in different ways until I fully understood. Ryan’s support was key for me to balance the emotional aspects of my separation with making decisions about my case. I highly recommend Ryan. He is an exceptional lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients."


Brantford, ON

"Ryan was top notch in getting me a great divorce settlement. If not for Ryan I would be paying alimony for many years along with benefits. I tell everyone that if not for Ryan’s hard work and dedication things could have been a lot different. Ryan fought for my rights and I still can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend Ryan for all your family law needs (in Ontario)."


British Columbia

“This was my first experience dealing with any legal matter. During the year and half Ryan Keleher did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and safe every step of the way. His knowledge, strength and patience as a family law lawyer was amazing. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my divorce. For anyone in need of a family law lawyer I definitely recommend Ryan Keleher.”


Fort Frances, ON

"In 2022, I was in need of a family law specialist to look after a matter for me. I was fortunate to have my file land in the hands of Ryan Keleher. Professional, efficient and knowledgeable, Ryan took the time to tell me my options in a way that I could understand. His kind nature made him very easy to work with."


Northwestern ON

"Ryan was friendly, easy to talk to and polite. He gave me expert advice and handled my case in a timely manner. I would definitely utilize his services again should I need a lawyer in the future."


Timmins, ON

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